Flowers for Maryland

I’m Berney Flowers, proudly calling Howard County my home for fifteen years. I’ve dedicated myself to balancing my roles as a senior civil servant and a committed community leader.

A bit about me: I grew up in a working-class family, breaking the mold to become a college graduate and later earning a Master’s in Public Administration. I proudly served in the U.S. Air Force for nearly 21 years, including during the 9/11 Pentagon attack, retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel. My service continued in various roles under both Republican and Democrat administrations. Beyond work, I’m passionate about mentoring first-generation college men, and cherishing moments with my family.

Why I’m Running

As a military officer and dedicated civil servant, I’ve upheld a long-standing tradition of political neutrality, but I can no longer remain silent in good conscience. Our country is headed in the wrong direction, with cities in disrepair, economic volatility, and uncertainty for hardworking Marylander’s left behind. District 3 has been under the representation of an incumbent who doesn’t reside in it, neglecting pressing issues like crumbling infrastructure, fiscal accountability, and an unfair tax system. As your next congressman, I intend to be the voice for those who feel politically adrift, advocating for efficient government and business-oriented solutions. It’s time to bring about positive change for our community, and to lay out a new vision for Maryland’s third congressional district.

Our Platform


People Before Politics:

Prioritize people over party, address the economy, amplify voices, tackle immigration, term limits, and fiscal responsibility.

Empowerment Through Education:

Depoliticize public schools, empower parents, teachers, and local communities.

Prioritizing America’s Security:

End endless wars, focus on domestic security.

Building Prosperity:

Encourage home-ownership, protect against predatory lending, support small businesses, diversify credit-building methods, and promote domestic manufacturing.

Enhance Family-Focused Policies:

Increase childcare tax credits, invest in school repairs, foster innovation hubs connecting educational institutions with federal R&D.



We´re up against a well-funded democrat-party machine that will stop at nothing to remain in power and keep a stronghold in this country. Your support is key in making a stance against this machine that has been instrumental in the deterioration of the fundamental values this country was built upon.

Please consider donating to ensure that we don’t continue to go down the path of social decay, economic stagnation, and government overreach.

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Become a Volunteer

Support Berney Flowers for Congress

Volunteering for our campaign places you right in the heart of this dynamic environment, offering a unique perspective of the workings of the democratic system. As the wheels of change constantly turn, you, too, have the power to become an active participant, contributing towards shaping the society you envision.

There is a unique sense of empowerment and engagement that comes with this participation, a feeling that resonates within the very core of democracy.