A Note from Berney

Dear Friends and Relatives,
I thought that I might update you on my campaign for Congress.  Things are going well.  I am out and about most nights, speaking to local groups.  My reception has been very positive and I am thankful for that.  People are accessing our website and our social media accounts.  Most of all, I am glad that I retired from DoD. If we are going to make positive changes in our local area, I feel that change had to start with “ME”.   I have willingly embraced that task and I am working to help improve the lives of my fellow Marylander’s.
For those of you who have supported me financially, I thank you greatly.  For those who are waiting, if you have the resources, now is the time.   We have 15 weeks before the GOP Primary and I have 3 other candidates to defeat.  If you can help, please go to my website and donate whatever amount that you can.  https://berneyflowers.com
As a reminder, 70% of Black Boys who graduate from Greater Baltimore High Schools are not able to read.   My task is to keep those young men from entering the criminal justice system.  I will try to improve that statistic.  The Democrats have been in charge here for decades.  They have not solved the problem and never intended to.  With your help, I will change this.
My target, the incumbent Dutch Ruppersberger, has helped outsource America’s Manufacturing base.  As you remember when COVID hit, America couldn’t even make its own masks.  Who Globalized our manufacturing? Your anger should be directed to those people.  They are the ones who will soon have you paying $5 a gallon for gas and $10 a pack for bacon.  They are the ones who are draining your 401K.
Don’t let my Republican label scare you. You know me.  You know what I stand for.  My hope is that you will support my campaign.  If you have the means, I ask for your financial help. Now is the time.  We need to replace the Uni-Party (Dems and Republicans) that have taken the Black vote for granted for all these many years and given us little in return.  
We need to replace the Uni-Party that has started so many pointless wars and is trying to get us more involved in the Ukraine.  I have spent time in the Ukraine.   Trust me when I say that we have no reason to involve ourselves there any further than we are now.   We don’t need yet another quagmire.   If you help me get to Congress, I will help stop these pointless and expensive wars.
In the meantime, Stay safe, Stay Strong, Be Brave.


Berney Flowers
Candidate For Congress 
Maryland’s 2nd District 
443 267-4078