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 Bernie makes you think; his perspectives are spot on.

I served with Bernie for a decade in his post-Air Force senior government civilian role. I always found him thoughtful, balanced in his views, candid, and above all, a true American committed to service. This book reflects that. Bernie simply wants to make things better. This book is a clear start at that, if others will read it and get ENERGIZED. A most worthwhile read.

W.P. Ard

 Uncommon Thought to Address All Too Common Problems

I have known the author since he was a locally educated, small-town young man. Since that time, I have watched Berney Flowers evolve from a successful Air Force officer to an executive-level Federal civilian with unique insight into national security matters. I was completely surprised by his foray into politics with an emphasis on domestic matters. Considering his long-time loyal service to country, I should not have been…and I’m glad he did! In his book, “Black Values Matter” Berney brings his full life and professional experiences to bear as he artfully makes the case for what is really important to Black Americans—not what our political system wants us to believe Black people should value. You may not agree with everything he posits, but Berney artfully sets the foundation for civil discourse and policy decisions that have to happen as we move our nation forward. Well done Berney…your efforts matter!


A. Jamerson

Black Values Matter = American Values Matter!

When I received this book, I literally read it twice in the same night. Having personally served with Mr. Berney Flowers (aka, Lt Col Bernard Flowers, USAF -Retired), I’ve come to know him as a Warriors-Leader, a tenacious Action Officer in combat situations, and an assertive researcher. No stranger to complex problem solving, Berney provides the reader the same fervor that he exuded as a seasoned and tenacious military officer serving our country in both Afghanistan and Iraq. With Berney’s recent “Grass-roots or On-the-ground” experience in Maryland, you’ll find his writngs to be one as a true servant of the people. He captures the accurate climate of today’s Black Values in relation to historical broken promises from both sides of the political aisle. Berney’s insight is REAL and FACTUAL as he brings solutions and NOT problems in His well-written Essay.

Rolling up His sleeves in recent Maryland politics, as well as the addressing complex challenges of inner-city issues, Berney diplomatically approaches real-world problems in the Black Community with a very professional, yet uncondescending manner. He is a man of action working “FOR” Baltimore City Residents with a new “Commitment, Charm City Incorporated (CCCI)” whose mission is to “Bring the Charm back to Charm City!” This is a no-brainer…I emphatically state that Mr. Berney Flowers provides that Black Values Matter, but the much larger concept of getting back to All-American Values, and what Our Country stands for. This is no doubt the first kickoff of many writings by Mr. Flowers, My feeling is that he is “just beginning” to Roll. A great read!!!

Ron Thornton

Berney Flowers speaks to the Upper Montgomery County Women’s Club

Vikki Birkett, Our Upper Montgomery County Women’s Club president, invited Berney Flowers to speak about Berney Flower’s conservative view and his book, “Black Values Matters.” I was so impressed with what he talked about I had to get his book. I was even more impressed to read this book. The book talks much about the pandemic COVID situation and what the real problems are that have not been dealt with. His ideology line up with mine. It is refreshing to see him share his view when so many fear speaking out. Berney is a true Patriot.

An inspirational book!

Jolie Mcshane

Black Values DO Matter!

Tom F.

Important tasks include a team of builders

I received this book tonight and read it in one sitting. The history which I learned, causes for which have been fought over, and the grit of those who serve whether in the military or as a civilian are highlighted in this amazing book. Written by an individual who I first met just over a year ago who has a resolve which inspires me. Better days are being ushered in by those who want to join the cause to see Baltimore City in the State of Maryland experience one the most significant transformational changes ever. Being solicited immediately are those ready to work to ensure public safety, improve childrens’ academic journeys, and have community building.
Blanca T

Very informative

A must read that demonstrates, and sheds light on, the political deception that has plagued and controlled the black population for centuries. Wake up Black America! The enemy is not always who you think it is.
Linda McCluney

History & Wisdom Shared

Thank you Berney Flowers for sharing your common sense wisdom & historical knowledge. I loved this quick read book!


An outstanding, unfettered perspective on the need to preserve Black values!
Justino Lopez