About Berney Flowers

Bernard “Berney” Flowers


He ran for US Congress in Maryland’s 2nd District. He was assigned to the US Air Force’s “Air Staff” as the Pentagon was attacked on Sept 11, 2001. He retired from the US Air Force after nearly 21 years of active duty, having deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan, Ukraine, and “visiting” twenty-two countries and forty-three states in the performance of his duties. After his Air Force retirement, Berney worked as a project manager in the banking industry. In 2009, he returned to DoD as a civil servant, where he was part of USCYBERCOM’S initial staff. He later served as NORAD & USNORTHCOM’s Senior Technical Advisor at Fort Meade. Before retiring from DoD, he participated in refugee resettlement efforts for Afghans, Haitians, and undocumented migrants in defense of the US Southwest Border. In 2021, Maryland’s Governor appointed him to the District 9 Judicial Nominating Commission, Howard County Maryland. He recently authored the new book, “Black Values Matter”.

“The American Way Is Under Attack.   I Will Defend Our Country.   I Will Defend Maryland.   Together, We Can Make The Changes You Want To See.”

I am a Republican.  I represent the party of Abraham Lincoln and Fredrick Douglas; the same political party that fought and sometimes died to free my slave ancestors and to keep our country unified when dark forces tried to split it apart.


We´re up against a well-funded democrat-party machine that will stop at nothing to remain in power and keep a stronghold in this country. Your support is key in making a stance against this machine that has been instrumental in the deterioration of the fundamental values this country was built upon.

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Black Values Matter is an insightful essay on how to improve Baltimore and Black America. The book filled with engaging stories that will share a unique perspective on how to fix Baltimore and inner city America. Once you start this book you won’t want to put it down.