School kids studying in the classroom at school

Baltimore’s education establishment has failed. Test scores and graduation rates have fallen.  Drastic changes need to be made.   I support the right of parents to raise their children as they see fit.   When elected, I will help make those needed changes and help change the tone in Baltimore County Schools by emphasizing the following;

  • Rescind President Biden’s harmful Title IX guidance that hurts girls dreams to achieve excellence in sports;
  • Ensure schools are funding Gifted & Talented and AP programs instead of exploding Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion administrators;
  • Expanding 529 plans to include homeschooling expenses and alternative career pathways;
  • Giving low-income families school freedom from low performing schools;
  • Allow the Department of Justice to ensure federal funds are not being used to fund racist CRT curricula in violation of the Civil Rights Act;
  • Ensure federal funds are not being used to separate students based on their skin color or assigning assumptions or characteristics of students based on their skin color;
  • Promoting a fair and accurate historical curriculum based on the success and faults of our country’s founding;
  • Maintain the Trump Administrations school safety guidelines to ensure schools won’t face retribution for suspending or expelling dangerous and violent students;
  • Ensure the hundreds of billions of dollars sent to States and local school districts through the CARES Act and other pandemic related legislation are being used to help students succeed after many spent a year or more attending school via Zoom.