Uncommon Thought to Address All Too Common Problems

I have known the author since he was a locally educated, small-town young man. Since that time, I have watched Berney Flowers evolve from a successful Air Force officer to an executive-level Federal civilian with unique insight into national security matters. I was completely surprised by his foray into politics with an emphasis on domestic matters. Considering his long-time loyal service to country, I should not have been…and I’m glad he did! In his book, “Black Values Matter” Berney brings his full life and professional experiences to bear as he artfully makes the case for what is really important to Black Americans—not what our political system wants us to believe Black people should value. You may not agree with everything he posits, but Berney artfully sets the foundation for civil discourse and policy decisions that have to happen as we move our nation forward. Well done Berney…your efforts matter!