Voter Persuasion Workshop – Patriot Club of America

9615 Deereco Rd
Lutherville Timonium, MD, United States

In this workshop expert Leadership Institute staff and faculty will go over modern public relations techniques, building your own comprehensive messaging strategy, and finally, the complexities of voter psychology and how to cut through the noise. Whether you’re at a public debate, planning ads, or going door-to-door, this session will enable participants to maximize their efforts for the greatest gain. 

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Berney Flowers
Article by Berney Flowers
“The American Way Is Under Attack. I Will Defend Our Country. I Will Defend Maryland. Together, We Can Make The Changes You Want To See.” I am a Republican. I represent the party of Abraham Lincoln and Fredrick Douglas; the same political party that fought and sometimes died to free my slave ancestors and to keep our country unified when dark forces tried to split it apart.

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